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Leon's Blogs

I, Leon, worked at this school as an EFL teacher

from August 2003 - June 2004


Tongliao No. 5 Senior Middle School
(In Chinese, it is called a "middle school", but it is equivalent to a high school in the West)

6 He Ping Road
Kerqin District, Tongliao City,
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Province,
CHINA, 028000

Phone: 86-475-229-2848 (from outside China)
Phone: 0475-229-2848 (from inside China)
Fax: 86-475-229-2799 (from outside China)
Fax:  0475-229-2799 (from inside China)



 Official School Website! 


Chinese Website                      English Website


School Motto:

Love Country; Be truthful; Be civilized; Excell

Ode to Tong Liao #5 Sr. Mid. School Students

by Leon (AKA: Sun, Wukong)

There is a school in Tong Liao City

Where boys are handsome and girls are pretty;

Where students listen and learn very well

And everyone minds the sound of the bell;

Where examinations are hard to pass

And nobody misses a single class;

Where the grounds are lovely and the classrooms clean;

Flowers are like rainbows and the grass is green;

Where doves keep the spirit of peace alive;

And the name of the school is Number Five.

 (October, 2003)

Here is a Poem entitled: "A Friend Is..."

written by my English Corner students and myself


A Friend is...

Someone who makes me glad,

And helps me when I'm sad;

Someone who shares my joy,

And always gives me a toy;

Someone who never makes me cry,

And encourages me when I'm shy;

Someone who is loyal and kind,

And that person is hard to find.

(November 1, 2003)



Tongliao No. 5 Senior Middle School does now have an official website, but I will leave this page here for sentimental reasons.


Read about Leon's life in Tongliao by clicking on the link below:

China Chronicles





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