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Teach in a Foreign Country

information / service packages (NOW FREE of CHARGE)

in order to find a decent job overseas (in this difficult economy).

You're Welcome!

(I figure the Lord of the universe has blessed me, so, I'll give a little back)


TongLiao No.5 Middle School,
Inner Mongolia, China

Why teach in a foreign country?

Perhaps you have just graduated from university and cannot find a job.

Perhaps you want to see the world (and get paid to do it).

Perhaps you just want to do something different.

Perhaps you are aching to do something adventurous.

Well, there are two roads to take.




I do not offer employment.  I offer to help you find decent employment.

Skip all this intro stuff; I get it.  I want the meat of Job-hunting.

Teaching EFL
(English as a Foreign Language)
Teaching in
International (K-12) Schools


...to teach in a private English academy:

Most countries require a bachelor's degree.  It usually doesn't matter what the degree is in.  But, when schools (in China) cannot find qualified candidates, they will take those with lesser degrees (in China only).   TEFL / TESL / TESOL certifications help a lot in getting the better paying jobs.

...to teach in a university:

Most universities require a master's degree.  It usually doesn't matter what the degree is in, but preference is given to those with degrees related to English and/or Education.  But, when universities cannot find qualified candidates, they will take those with lesser degrees.


Most international schools require a current teaching license and 2 years of experience in the subject and grade level to be taught.

But, when schools cannot find such qualified candidates, they will take anyone with a teaching license.

If you do not have a teaching license, then stop here and take the other road to teaching in a foreign country.


Where do I apply for EFL or ESL teaching jobs overseas?

Well, there are quite a few websites where employers post jobs.  And the great part about it is, you don't have to pay a single red cent to apply.  The employers pay to post their job openings.

If a headhunting agency tries to charge you money, do not pay.  You don't have to pay to find a decent job.

Where do I apply for teaching jobs in international schools?

Well, there are some online agencies that provide rendezvous or "meeting points" for employers and prospective employees.  The sad thing is none of them are free of charge for either the employer or the prospective employee.  You have to pay big bucks to apply, the registration is a rigorous rigmarole, and in the end, there is no guarantee that you will get a job.

When do I apply?

Private English Academies hire year-round.

Universities hire generally before the beginning of the academic year.   (You need an M.A. or M.S. to teach at the University Level)

For Korea and Japan, the academic year begins in March.  So hiring generally occurs from December to February.

To my knowledge all other countries start their academic year in September, but one must do his/her research to verify that.

When do I apply?

Hiring for international schools begins in late January and generally is finished by the end of March.  But, schools may have openings as late as June.

In every international school that I know of, the academic year begins in late August or early September and ends in June.

How do I apply?

Well, that is the million dollar question, isn't it?

For $20.00  $0.00 [U.S.], I will give you a list of all the BEST websites on the web where you can find job postings for international English-teaching jobs.

WAIT!  That's not all !!!

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, "Jeeze,  I can find that information for free with a Google search."

My reply:  Yes, that's true, but it will take you hours and hours and hours.  I save you tons of time.  It took me many hours of many days of many months to compile my list.

Save time and money by buying my package.  It's a $200 value for only $20 (my promotional price). Now, FREE of CHARGE

Again, you get:

- A list of tons of websites that offer training and jobs for English teachers worldwide.  (Currently over 25 on the list, all up-to-date).

- Advice on how to select the right job for you from someone who's been an international teacher since 1995.

Imagine this:  Money in the bank, no debt, school loans all paid off, traveling around the world, making travel blogs on the web,  experiencing new cultures & new cuisine, delighting the senses with new sensations.

How do I apply?

For $40.00 [U.S.], I will not only give you a list of all the online agencies, BUT I will ALSO give you access to a list of all the international schools worldwide (that I know of) and their contact information.  I know of an online agency that will only let you choose two countries for $20.00.  I give you much more than that.

YOU ACTUALLY SAVE TIME & MONEY by purchasing my package.  It's a $400 value for only $40 (my promotional price). NOW, IT'S FREE of CHARGE.

It would take you a myriad of hours, a plethora of days, and several months to compile your own list.  BUT, that's not all you get in my package.

Here's what you get:

- A list of hundreds of int'l schools worldwide

- A list of online agencies that help bring teachers and employers together (at least 8)

- Advice on how to find the right job for you.

- Customer service via e-mail.

- One-time fee, (FEE NOW WAIVED) for unlimited access for the rest of your life to my services.  (or until I die or this website goes bankrupt).

Buy Now 


Just click here.

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