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Resume vs. CV

A resume is: a list of work experience that is related to the job for which one is applying

A curriculum vitae (CV) is: a list of ALL work experience

Curriculum = course, Vitae = life;   So, CV means:  course [of one's] life

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
of Leon (webmaster)

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To find a full-time position in an educational materials (soft and/or hard copy) production company

Teaching Certificate (1-8, all subjects)
Utah, USA
Original: 1993   Pictured: 2008-2011
Renewed: 2015   Expires: 2018

This was recently upgraded to a Level 2. (2018)

Postgraduate TESL/TEFL Certificate
Univ. of Birmingham, UK
Issued: 2003
Status:  Current

Medal of Honor
from the Mongolian Ministry of Education
acknowledging excellent contributions to Mongolian education

Awarded: 2011

Certificate accompanying medal
Mongolia, 2011

Cambridge International Examinations
Certification for "Introduction to Cambridge Primary Course"
Issued: 2012
Status:  Current


2000-2003:  University of Birmingham Centre for English Language Studies (CELS) Open Distance Learning (ODL) programme, UK
Degree:  Post-graduate Certificate

1989-1993:  Brigham Young University (BYU), Provo, Utah, USA
Degree: Bachelor's of Science
Major: Elementary Education (1-8)

EXPERIENCE (brief overview)

- 15 years Primary and Middle Years Teacher, (USA, Korea, Poland, Vietnam, Mongolia, China)

- 9 years EFL/ESL Teacher,  (Korea, China, and Turkey)

Total = 24 years teaching experience

Date:  2019-2020
School:  Athlos Academy of Utah
Location:  Herriman, UT
Job Description:  4th grade teacher
Loved how they had P.E. every single day!!!!
Financial difficulties make it impossible for me to continue working there.
Date:  2018-2019
School:  American International School of Utah
Location:  Murray, UT
Job Description:  5th grade teacher
Finally!  An International School in Utah!
Too bad it closed its doors forever in 2019.
Date:  2016-2018
School:  Entheos Academy-Magna
Location:  Magna, UT
Job Description:  5th grade teacher
I loved the philosophy of the school: education with a heart.  Awesome experience.  Wouldn't trade it for the world.
Date:  2015-2016
Sabbatical:  Unemployed / Student of Life / Convalescing
Needed a break!

Date:  2013-2015
English School of Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Job Description: 
Grade 1 homeroom teacher
{ CIPP / UK curriculum KS1 }

I miss the children terribly.  I miss.  I miss.  I miss.  I wonder how they are fairing these days.

Date:  2010-2013
Orchlon International School
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Job Description: 
Grades 2,3,4 and 5 CIPP teacher
{ CIPP English and Math }

THE BEST SCHOOL I've ever worked for!  I love the people there.

To see bigger picture, right click and then click on "view image".

Date:  2009-2010
Singapore International School
Hanoi, Vietnam
Job Description: 
Grade 5 and 6 combined class, core subjects teacher

Date:  2008-2009
Tarsus American College (SEV)
Tarsus, Turkey
Grades 3 and 4 English Teacher

2 Letters of recommendation available upon request

Date:  2007-2008
Hidden Meadows Apts
Location:  Orem, Utah, USA
Position:  Apartment Manager

It's funny how managing adults is not that different from managing children!
Date:  2006-2007
Wroclaw International School
Wroclaw, Poland
Middle School Generalist [PYP/MYP school]
Poland was not a very hospitable country to live in, so only stayed one year.
Date: 2004-2006
Korea Kent Foreign School
  Seoul, Republic of Korea
Middle School Science Teacher (grades 6-8)

This marks my re-entry into K-12, English-curriculum schools.  It was wonderful.

Date: 2003-2004
Tongliao No. 5 Sr. Middle School
  Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China
Sr. Middle School English teacher
My wife had left me with an infant.  I had to get out of Korea.  Too many bad memories.  This is one of my favorite places, because the food was sooooo good!
Date: 1997-2003
I.M.I Language Institute, a daughter company of PakMunGak Publishing.
Seoul, South Korea
English Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Mentor of junior teachers
Really a nice working environment.
Date: 1996-1997
English Language Institute (ELI™)
Isle of GangHwa, Incheon Metropolitan District, S.Korea
English Instructor
Great experience.
Date: 1995-1996
English Camp Academy (a franchise academy in Korea)
Gwang Myeong City, Gyeong-Gi Province, ROK
English Instructor/Writer/Editor
Still couldn't find a job in elementary educations, so I went overseas.  Loved it.  Didn't want to come back.
Date: 1994-1995
School District:
Tooele County School District, Wendover Jr/Sr High School
Wendover, Utah, USA
Jr. High/ Sr. High History Teacher
My first full-time teaching job.  Loved it.  Loved living in Wendover.  The buffets were cheap then.  I don't think I'd enjoy it now.  It was just a temporary job; because I'm not certified to teach secondary.
Date: 1993-1994
School Districts:
Salt Lake, Granite, and Jordan School Districts
Salt Lake City, and Sandy City, Utah, USA
Substitute Public School Teacher (1-12)
Wasn't able to get a job, because there were too many people graduating from universities in education.  There was an over-abundance of teachers.  So, I subbed.  It was a great experience, but did not put enough bread on the table.
Date:  Winter Semester 1993
School District:
  Alpine School District
  Alpine, Utah, USA
  Student Teacher
I enjoyed being a student teacher at that school.

Letter of recommendation available upon request.


2012-2014- ELTAM (English Language Teachers Association of Mongolia)  [TESOL, Mongolia]

2004-2006- NSTA (National Science Teachers' Association) member, 2 years

1999-2000- KoTESOL Seoul Chapter Newsletter Editor 'n Chief, 1 year

1997-2000- KoTESOL member,  3 years


In short, I feel compelled to do what is best for the children and follow the administration's lead.  Firstly, the administration has more education and experience than I.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance that I hearken to their counsel.  Secondly, I take my vocation seriously.  And I use that word "vocation" for its special etymological connotation, as I feel that teaching is my calling in life.  I sincerely want to perform my pedagogical duties to the utmost of my ability that my beneficiaries may excel in their studies.  I look upon my pupils not merely as pupils, in the strict sense of the word, but also as extensions of myself.  I want them to succeed, because when they succeed, I succeed, and not the other way around.  I believe in the role of teacher as facilitator, guide, and researcher.  As facilitator, I hope to spark the innate inquisitiveness of my pupils through inquiry-based education.  As guide, I hope to provide a good example of social ethics, and encourage my pupils to be good citizens, tolerant of all races, creeds, and stations in life.  As researcher, I often conduct research in my own classroom in hopes of finding the best ways to elicit learning from my students.

- I embrace Piaget's Schema Theory, Ausubel's Meaningful Learning Theory.

- I endear my students, not as mere receptacles of information, but also as creative, innovative participants in their own learning.  I endeavor to produce self-educators, analyzers, and problem-solvers, thereby equipping my pupils with the necessary skills to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.

- I look upon my colleagues and administration as mentors, there to give advice when needed.

- I am always ready to serve the non-educational needs of my students, colleagues, and community wherein I reside.


References available upon request.

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