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Rebuses Rock!



All of the Rebus Puzzles ON THIS PAGE have been manufactured by Leon, by himself. Any similarities to other rebuses is purely coincidental.  These are not copyrighted and you may freely use these for educational purposes, but it would be nice to receive credit for making these puzzles, AND, if you use these on your website, it would be appreciated if you linked back to my site.  Thanks.  And, enjoy!

Thanks to School Clip Art for the Bus clip art above.
And thanks to Mega Pet Center for the Pet Rock pic above.


What is a rebus?

It's a puzzle with pictures and letters, composed to make a phrase or sentence.

See if you can solve the rebus puzzles below

Sample Rebus:  Guided Practice

-if you see this:  - , it means "minus" or "subtract"

-if you see this:  + , it means "plus" or "add"

-if you see this:  * , it means nothing; It's just a spacer between words.

* - g,s * .


eye = /ai/ = I gloves - g,s = love U = /ju:/ = you

Answer:  I love you.


 Independent Practice

Now you try:  (Answers are at the bottom of the page)


- s,e * * ?


+ m * * .


* * !


+ m * .


* ag + .




* * + er


- *




1.  Hou R U? => How are you?
2.  I'm pine, tank you. => I'm fine, thank you.
3.  U R gr8! => You are great!
4.  I'm hatP 4 U => I'm happy for you.
5.  C U aghen => See you again.
6.  U can B one, two => You can be one, too.
7.  World Cup Socker => World Cup Soccer.
8.  Pop Music or Pop Song


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