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"Konglish" Pronunciation


Phonetically Different Words?

You decide.

 Important Foreword

Sometimes Korean pronunciation of various "loan words" come from languages other than English, which definitely accounts for the difference in pronunciation.  However, I have opted to keep this page because it is often assumed that English has the same pronunciation.

In defense of Konglish Pronunciation, let me say that English is usually the one that is "wrong", as it is often the only language that has a different pronunciation.

That written, I still feel that this page is worthwhile to raise the consciousness of those serious about learning correct English pronunciation.


Real English Word
진실의 영문
Korean Pronunciation
한국의 발음
English Pronunciation
  영어 바름
allergy [ US ]


estrogen e stro gen e stro en
genome ge nom i: noum
gypsum gibs ip sm
jumper am ba m p(r)
label la bel leibl
margarine ma ga rin mar rin
menses mens men si:z
panties pæn ti pæn ti:z
perm pa ma prm
pizza pi ja pi:t s
styrofoam sti ro pom stai ro foum
viagra bi a gra vai æ gr
vinyl bi nil vai nil
xylophone shi lo pon zai l foun


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