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The Ayes Have It.

When I was a university student, I was living in an apartment (flat) with five other guys, one of whom was blind.  One day we held an apartment meeting to decide who would do the dishes and when.  A motion was made, and seconded.  Then we put it to a vote.  Someone said, "All those in favor, say 'aye'."  Everyone said, "Aye," except our blind flat mate.  Someone said, "All those opposed, say 'nay'."  The blind guy said, "Nay."  Then, there was a moment of uncomfortable silence,........  Read more


One Million Dollars or My Daughter

A millionaire collected live alligators, which he kept in the swimming pool at his mansion.  The guy also had a beautiful daughter, who was single.  One day he threw a big party during which he announced, "My dear guests--I put a proposition to every man here.  I will give one million dollars or my daughter to the man who can swim across this pool full of alligators and emerge unharmed."   Read more

Funny Puns


Why do we say "aMEN" instead of "aWOMEN"at the end of songs in church?

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Linguistic Humor Ingenious Translator

       A famous writer who was visiting Japan was invited to have a lecture at a university to a large group of students. As most of them could not understand spoken English, he had to have an interpreter.
       During his lecture he told an amusing story which went on for rather a long time. at last he stopped to allow the interpreter to translate it into Japanese, and was very surprised when the man did this in a few seconds, after which all the students laughed loudly.
       After the lecture, the writer thanked the interpreter for his good work and then said to him, "Now please tell me how you translated that long story of mine into such a short Japanese one."     Read more

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