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  American Holidays

Festivals (Holidays) of the Far East

China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Mongolia

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What is a Holiday?  

Originally, "holiday" meant "holy day".  It was a religious day, as was Christmas and Easter and Halloween.  Nowadays, it seems to have taken on a different meaning:  In the US, it means any special day of celebration or festivals (some are "days off" of work and/or school, and others, like Halloween, are not).  In the UK, it means a day off of work/school, or a vacation.


Related Picture Date Holiday / Link
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January 1

New Year's Day
Jan. 15  Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday
February. 2 Groundhog Day

Feb. (2nd Monday) Presidents' Day
Feb. 14 St. Valentine's Day
  Mar. 8 Int'l Women's Day
Mar. 17 St. Patrick's Day
Mar. 21 (vernal equinox) original EASTER
March 21 or April 22 Earth Day
April 1 April Fool's Day
Changes every year.  It is based upon the Jewish Lunar Calendar. Pasch
May (2nd Sunday)   Mother's Day
May 25 (nearest Monday) Memorial Day
   June (3rd Sunday) Father's Day
June 14 Flag Day
July 4 Independence Day
Sept (first Monday)  Labor Day
Oct 12 (nearest Monday)  Columbus Day
October 31  Halloween
 Catholics Only November 1 All Saint's Day
(The Day of the Dead)
  Nov. 11 Veterans' Day
Nov.  (fourth Thursday) Thanksgiving
Dec. 25 Christmas
Dec. 13 - Dec. 25



"Janus" clip art by Leon

Photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Bob Fitch / Black Star

Groundhog photo from the link provided above

St. Valentine's Day clip art by School Clip Art

Woman clip art by Leon and ClipartXP

St. Patrick's Day clip art by School Clip Art

Original Easter clip art by School Clip Art

Earth clip art by ??? (I forgot)

"The Fool" art  by Stayka Saint Seiya

Pasch clip art by School Clip Art

Memorial Day photo from Arlington National Cemetery

US Flag Day clip art from School Clip Art

Independence Day clip art from School Clip Art

Labor Day clip art by Leon

Columbus Day, Model of the flag ship, Santa Maria

Halloween clip art from Kid's Domain

Veterans' Day clip art from School Clip Art

Thanksgiving clip art from Kid's Domain

Christmas Nativity Scene from here

Yuletide clip art from School Clip Art

 School Clip Art



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