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Flag Day

This is the day that Americans display the American flag proudly in front of their houses.  The flag can be flown any day, except in bad weather, and never at night, unless there's a light shining on the flag.

Rules Regarding Care of the US Flag

1.  The flag must never touch the ground.  (Touching the floor is okay.  Just wash it.)

2.  If the flag touches the ground, it must be burned.  (ground = dirt)

3.  The US flag must be flown higher than any inferior flag, such as state flags, or flags of organizations.

4.  The flag must NOT be flown in rainy or snowy weather.

5.  The flag must NOT be flown between sunset and sunrise unless there is a light shining on the flag.

6.  There is only one proper way to fold the flag, and when finished no red is allowed to be seen.

7.   When someone important to you dies, the flag could be flown at half mast.



History of Flag Day


Flag was instituted to commemorate the making of the first flag of the United States of America.

Legend has it that a seamstress and flag maker, named Betsy Ross, was commissioned to make to make the first flag of the United States of America.

It looked like this:


A field of  dark blue in the upper left hand corner, filled with thirteen stars in a circle, and thirteen stripes, alternating red and white, 7 red and 6 white.



the 13 stars: a new constellation: representing a new country

the 13 stripes: representing the 13 states of the new federation

Dark Blue:  boldness, of our forefathers

Red:  blood, spilt by the freedom fighters

White:  purity, sincerity



Next, one star was added for each state that entered the union.

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