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Englishes Contrasted (Lexis only; by Leon)

Leon's main source:  Cambridge Dictionary of the English Language

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UK Terms
(Great Britain/Australia)
North American Terms
(US & Canada)
housing estate housing development
block of flats apartment building
flat apartment
(detached) house house
semi-detached house duplex
lift elevator
mortise lock deadbolt
bum bag fanny pack
to sack (v.t.) (slang) to fire (v.t.) (slang)
crisps (potato) chips
chips French fries
cake piping cake decoration
sponge cake layer cake
fairy cake cup cake
biscuit cookie
jelly Jell-O
jam doughnut jelly doughnut
packet of ... pack of ...
courgette zucchini
marrow squash
aubergine eggplant
dustbin (Austrailia: rubbish bin) garbage can / trash can / waste basket
bin trash can
flannel wash cloth
bath bath tub
scales scale
toilet pan toilet bowel
cot crib
camp bed cot
stabilizers training wheels
cycle helmet cycling helmet
brake lever hand brake
dust bin dust pan
adjustable spanner adjustable wrench
open-ended spanner open-ended wrench
ring spanner box wrench
Stanley knife utility knife (razor knife)
skip dumpster
a spirit level a level
petrol gasoline
boot trunk
bonnet hood
windscreen windshield
number plate license plate
indicator turn signal
aerial antennae
gear stick stick shift
tailboard tailgate
while driving: filter in while driving: merge in
tailback / traffic jam traffic jam
junction / interchange exit / interchange
slip road ramp
flyover overpass
central reservation median (strip)
cat's eye reflector
tipper truck dump truck
breakdown truck tow truck (Central U.S.: wrecker)
dustbin lorry garbage truck
juggernaut, lorry tractor-trailer (semi, 18-wheeler)
soft top convertible
estate car station wagon
caravan trailer (mobile home)
saloon car sedan
public transport public transportation
dressing gown robe
nappy diaper
the washing the wash
jumper sweater
a body  a bodysuit
waistcoat vest
poloneck turtleneck
turtleneck mock turtleneck
body warmer down vest
lifebelt / life buoy preserver/ buoy
bobble hat Amer: stocking cap  Canada: toque
checks / gingham pattern checkered pattern
clothes peg clothes pin
coat peg coat hook
fringe bangs
parting part
top knot bun
hair slide barrette
skipping rope jump rope
sand pit sand box
climbing frame jungle gym
paddling pool wading pool
noughts and crosses tic tac toe
football soccer
shuttle cock (badminton) birdie (badminton)
sledge sled
glove puppet hand puppet
bricks blocks
doll's house doll house
Racks & Rails
plate rack dish rack
towel rail towel rack
clothes rail clothes rack
railway railroad (R.R.)
walking boots hiking boots
Wellingtons rubber boots
football boots cleats
plimsolls sneakers
court shoes pumps
flip flops thongs
bobby  police officer (cop)
mum, mummy mom, mommy
head master / head mistress principal
solicitor lawyer
drawing pin tack, thumbtack
elastic band rubber band
bulldog clip clip
sellotape scotch tape
Biro [name brand metonymy] (flowing ink) ball point pen
ball pen (sticky ink) ball point pen [like Bic]
rubbish garbage
gas natural gas
arcade mall
hygiene sanitation
telephone box telephone booth
queue line
walking frame walker
tin  (tin) can
shopping trolley shopping cart
surgery medical clinic
fag cigarette
plaster Band-aid (sticky bandage)





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